Festivities and floklore

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Romería del Caminante (Unknown Traveller)

Other famous pilgrimages are “San Ramón” in Sillobre, which has attracted people from all surrounding areas to this parish and the “Camiñante descoñecido” (Unknown Traveller) in Barallobre.

Romería de O Pote (The Pilgrimage of the Pot)

From 1993, “La Romería de O Pote” (The Pilgrimage of the Pot), has been celebrated with great participation organized by the society “O Pote de Maniños” and which usually coincides with the last Sunday of August


The FELIPOP, which takes place in the Parish of Limodre in August, is an unavoidable appointment for all the lovers of the melody and of the best music pop.



The FENEROCK, which takes place in the Parish of San Valentín, is celebrated every year in September, with the interventions of numerous rock groups, so both national and international.