Colonial legacy

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Other interesting places in the town council are the buildings related to the Colonial architectures which are the result of the return to these lands of emigrants at the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th, examples of this are: the schools “Concepción Arenal” (Fene), “Fillos de Limodre” (Limodre) and “Curros Enríquez” (Maniños); several cinemas and ballrooms like “Cardoeiro” in Maniños, the cinema “Adriano” in Barallobre, besides private residences such as “La Casa de Antonio Porto” (Antonio Porto’s house) in Perlío; “La Casa de la Maleta” (The house of the suitcase) in Barallobre; “La Casa de Manuel Martínez” (Manuel Martínez’s house) in Barallobre and “La Casa Garabana” (The house Garabana) in Limodre.