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There is few historical information left in Fene, but its existence throughout the times remains clear with the different historical remains found (mámoa from Campo da Arca (megalithic tomb), petroglyph of Marraxón...), diverse toponyms of Artabran inheritance (Barallobre, Limodre,...) remains of a Roman settlement in a neighbouring town council (Mugardos) and in the Middle Ages, The Monastery of San Xoan of Xubia received a donation of lands in this area. But the first written information dates from the year 1444 when Fene is mencioned in a writing and in the year 1100 appear the names of “Xoan”, a parson in Sillobre and “Ordoño”, in Fene because of a lawsuit between Santiago and Mondoñedo for the possession of the archpriesthood of Betanzos.

However, the importance and development of Fene town council comes rom farther afield and tied to two main facts: the setting up of the naval factory, Astano (nowadays Navantia Fene) in Perlío in 1941 and the proximity to the town of Ferrol which is administrative centre of the region. Fene and Ferrol, two town councils separated by the estuary of Ferrol, and joined since the end of the Sixties by a bridge, the bridge of Las Pías, which made history when on Tuesday, the 13th of January 1998, the oil tanker Discovery Enterprise dragged by a wind of 130 km/h, entered in the estuary and destroyed it, leaving the region without its main road link.