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In spite of the great density of population of the town council, you can still find places of great natural beauty and where you can do sports in contact with nature and others organized in the different installations of the town council.

The estuary of Ferrol and the neighbouring hills form a place of great natural beauty and scenery for amateurs to do routes of hiking and mountain bike, a good part of the parishes of Sillobre and Magalofes are covered by pine and eucalyptus forests where it is possible to walk along the small tracks made to do these sports. We can say the same of the banks of the River Va, in Maniños.

From Sillobre and Magalofes the panoramic view of Fene, the estuary of Ferrol and the region is excellent. In Sillobre the mountains set of Marraxón is important. That occupies almost all the extreme East of the town council of Fene and is where one finds the highest point which rises up to 359 m of altitude called “Coto do Rey”. 

A sample of living nature is the River Belelle. It is very interesting to walk along its banks or to visit the waterfall that was formed between Fene and Neda and that has 45 m, comprising the most beautiful landscape. Sports fishing is practiced in this river.
In the parish of Limodre, washed by the estuary of Ares, there are four small beaches of fine sand and calm waters. They are “Almieiras”, “Río Sandeo”, “Río Castro” and “Coído” and in this estuary as well as the estuary of Ferrol several water sports can be practiced such as canoeing, sailing and windsurfing.

In addition, the estuary of Ferrol is an important site due to its richness in marine fauna with big banks of shellfish and other species with a significant importance in the economy of many families in the region. The promenade in San Valentín is one of the best places for the observation of marine birds such as the mallard, the heron, the seagull or the cormorant.

Sports Actitivies

Throughout the year different sports events take place in the town council in Fene. For example: the day of the sport in the street, in which the neighbours go out to the street to practice the different sports offered: badminton, ping pong, cooperative games, juggling, volleyball, fencing, basketball among many more.

Anyone can take part in many activities of the town council, such as the different organized routes of hiking; as well as municipal sports schools where swimming, aerobics, keep-fit, yoga, thai-chi... can be practiced.

Doing hiking we will be able to enjoy the marked routes in the Belelle, the circular path (a municipal path of circular character and eight parochial ones of local character), route BTT (walking or pedalling), pedestrian path of the Fervenza-Marraxón and the route of the River Va.

There is the possibility of using in some cases, previous request, the numerous sports installations that exist in the town council.