A weekend in Fene

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Yes, if you come to Fene, you will return! Among what you have seen for yourself and what you have listened to from friends, we are sure that you would like to come again to know throughly this town council that someone named as “This small great stranger”.  Many are the options that Fene can offer you but it is preferable that you discover them for yourself. Nevertheless, allow us to suggest to you one of the many possibilities to spend a weekend in Fene.

On Friday, begin with a smile

We must begin with good humor. Therefore you should go over to the House of the Culture to visit the unique Museums of Humor of Galicia and one of the few ones of this type in the Iberian Peninsula. From 17:00 to 20:00 o’clock, you can visit its rooms in which you will find originals of the practically all of the contemporary Galician graphical humorist and authors of comic: Siro, Xaquín Marín, Miguel Anxo Pardo, Chicha Campos, Pepe Barreiro, Chinto & Pinto... among the museum’s art collection stand out the magnificent collections dedicated to the graphical humorist of  he State (with the work of Mingote, Chumi-Chumez, Máximo, Forges, Serafín...) and the rest of the world (René de la Nuez, M. Walter, Fontanarrosa...).

After that, go for a walk through the Park Castelao, you can see the Clown Monument, singular work promoted by the Museum of the Humor to honour these artists of laughter and of the one whose author is the ceramist form Fene Francisco José Pérez Porto.

After regaining strength after tasting the extraordinary local cuisine, walking through the “Parque Lineal” along the river Cádavo, constitutes a visual pleasure, besides a healthy habit. There we can observe the Monument on July 25th for the “Día da Patria Galega”. During the walk, you should admire the building of the town hall, Alberto Campos Baeza’s work and a magnificent sample of the civil architecture of our time.

Before going to sleep, on both sides of the principal roads that cross the town council, you will find a wide and diversified catering offer both inside the bars and their terraces.

On Saturday, between mills and celtic settlement

Now the route goes of ethnography “castrexa” culture and impressive natural sites. We begin the day in Magalofes, in the reconstructed mill of “El Redondo”, to do the following itinerary: “Castro de las Modias settlement”, Castro del Foxo settlement”, “Coto del Rey” to go down up to the jump of the waterfall of the river Belelle, the most spectacular in the region, from where you can begin a trip along the shore of the river, walking along Sillobre’s medieval bridge and different mills in the area.

At dusk, you can go up to Maniños’ Parish and visit the “Parque Fluvial” of the river Va and following the old paths towards the botanical garden of the Cultural and Recreative Society “O Pote” in Maniños; before ending the day you can visit the “Castro de Prismos settlement” and the “Parque de la Hortiña”, the latter in Limodre’s parish.

On Sunday, the route of the Indians

The emigrations to America left important remains in the town council through the so called “Schools and emigrants” (founded by societies of emigrants like Curros Enríquez, Concepción Arenal or Hijos de Limodre); in the impulse of the civil architecture, with numerous Indian Housings concentrated especially in the parishes of Maniños, Barallobre and Limodre, and among which stand out “La Casa de la Maleta” (Barallobre) built in 1921 by “El Adriano (Antonio Fernández)” in Barallobre, who made a statue in the pinnacle of the house in which there is a man with a suitcase in one hand, pointing at the mouth of the estuary with the other.

And if the weather permits, before leaving, you can have a swim in the sea of the beaches along the estuary of Ares: Coido, Río Sandeo and Almieiras.